Cathy Carroll

Treasurer & Director

Cathy Carroll


Cathy Carroll Graduated from Torrington High School, Torrington, CT in 1958, where she majored in bookkeeping. In 1969 she began working for H & R Block in Stockton, CA, and during those 15 years of working at H & R Block, she taught basic income tax classes for 10 of those years. Cathy also taught continuing education classes for real estate agents and brokers.

In addition to teaching privately for H&R Block, Cathy also taught basic income tax classes for 6 years at Delta College, in Stockton, CA.

In 1984 Cathy opened her own tax practice. During those 15 years, that business kept books for several clients, handled payroll and payroll reports, IRS and FTB audits, and more.

Along the way, Cathy expanded her teaching to include seminars on estate planning. Her husband, who had a law degree, did the estate planning part of the seminar while Cathy did the tax consequences part of the seminar.

In 1999 Cathy moved from CA to UT, and in the process sold the tax practice, but retained a few clients. Since then she’s expanded her tax practice and continues to offer accounting and payroll services, as well as IRS audis when the need arises.

Cathy Carroll has been with CBDS since its inception, first as CFO, Treasurer, and member of the Board. Cathy recently resigned as CFO, but still holds the office of Treasurer, and remains on the Board of Directors.

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